What People Are Saying


“Thank you Dr. Garcia and your team for this great job. I enjoyed watching the film in Lakeland with my 10-year-old son who can understand better now why I left the country I love so much.” – Yuny Torres


“To all my Cuban friends and relatives, it doesn’t matter whether you were part of the Mariel flotilla or not, if you are Cuban or of Cuban descent, you must see this one. You will cry and you will laugh, but most of all, it will remind you where you came from and why you are here now.” – David Penton


“Absolutely loved this documentary!!” – Rebecca Saulsbury

“This film is a true testimony of one of the darkest times in Cuba’s history.” – Jose Caballero

“My husband, who is a Marielito, and I took our daughter last night to see the movie, a great experience. We can tell our kids about our life and struggles, but somehow it really hits home when they see and hear it from someone else. Congratulations! Great movie, we cried but we also laughed. Thank you for telling this story.” – Tily Campuzano Noya


“A fantastic movie with amazing people telling their amazing stories. A must-see.” – Marc R. Masferrer


“Our generation of Cuban-Americans was very much impacted by el Mariel. The documentary did a great job of giving an overview of what happened during that time, and how it affected Cubans here and there.” – Clarissa Lima

“Beautiful Film!  The tears came to me vary easily.  Congratulations on making such a wonderful and epic account to a part of history that deserves to be told.” – D Del Monaco