One Event... 125,000 Lives... One Man's Journey

Heart warming and owe it to yourself to see this film. - Ronald A. Rowe

The Film

On April 1 of 1980, five individuals seeking political asylum crashed a bus through the gates of the Peruvian embassy in Havana, Cuba. Over the next several days up to 10,000 people stormed that embassy’s grounds. Fearing that continued civil unrest might cause further violence or even a coup d’état, Fidel Castro proclaimed that any Cuban who wished to immigrate to the United States could board a boat at the nearby port of Mariel. Thus were born “Los Marielitos.”

Told through the previously unheard stories of ten Cuban-American families, “Voices From Mariel” brings new insight into the lives of over 100,000 Cuban-born immigrants who came to the United States thirty years ago as the survivors of the “Mariel Boatlift.” “Voices From Mariel” explores the legacy of the brave and committed people who risked their lives for a new chance in the United States. Thirty years later, where has that short but dangerous 90-mile sail across the Straits of Florida taken “Los Marielitos?” See the trailer.

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